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This blog is intended to highlight and inform readers about important changes that are occurring in healthcare today as well as providing links and resources for products and services for all who are ‘in pursuit of health’.  Here’s to your health!

Healthcare as we have known it, is drastically and radically changing before our very eyes.  The Supreme Court will be ruling on the legality of ‘OBAMACARE’ early this summer.  In short, what this plan is about is, ‘survival of the fittest and and natural attrition‘, because there is precious little funding available to care for the ‘baby boomers’ who are now retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day.

It is estimated that if this legislation is not overturned in a significant way, one-third of the medical community will leave medicine on or before January 2014.  This one-third represents in most cases, “the cream of the crop” specialists.  With an estimated 16 to 36 million new patients added to the healthcare system and a loss of one-third of the providers; access to care of any kind or quality will be limited and difficult at best.

I encourage all to know and understand the ramifications that lie before us should this gutting of our healthcare system be allowed to take place.  Revisions, over sight and streamlining certainly need to take place to correct many of the ills of our system…but not like this.  If this legislation were truly the answer to “affordable, quality care”, why then is there language in the bill that expressly EXEMPTS all members of the Congress, Senate and the White House from having to participate in the program?

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