Graduating in 1972 from Southern Illinois University, Cindy Powers has been involved in patient care and rehabilitation for 45 years.  Power In Motion Rehabilitation Services, was founded by Cindy in 1997, with the singular vision and commitment to providing superior quality rehabilitative services that patients recommend to family and friends and that Physicians prefer, for their patients. 

Frustrated with the mediocre results that a ‘traditional’ approach to rehabilitation produced, Cindy experienced the extraordinary, efficient and expedient outcomes that a ‘hands-on’ rehabilitative approach facilitated in the recovery and repair of acute and chronic injuries. Cindy’s focus for the past 20 years, has been exclusively devoted to the study and development of Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) skills.

Cindy’s expertise lies in identifying and remediating musculoskeletal and biomechanical dysfunction, traumatic brain injuries, sports and performing artists injuries and performance enhancement.  Cindy works in close collaboration with physiatrists, neuro-optometrists and neuro-scientists, in a dynamic team approach to the the identification of  traumatic brain injuries and leading-edge restorative approaches for the treatment of TBI’s and learning disabilities. 


Power In Motion Rehab was fortunate in acquiring the vast experience of Ms. DeCant, in 2013.   Kris is a dedicated, caring, qualified Physical Therapist with extensive orthopedic experience and has been recognized for innovation, clinical accomplishments and patient satisfaction, throughout her career.  Kris is also an Ortho Spine Clinical Specialist, skilled in muscle energy techniques, manual therapy, evaluation and treatment of spinal and sacroiliac dysfunction. Kris is a distinguished communicator and teacher, who is one of the most frequently requested clinicians in facilities around the country. Kris is also credentialed as a certified ‘LSVT’ clinician, a leading-edge rehabilitative intervention to the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease,  a TMR [Total Motion Release] instructor and Kinesiotape practitioner.