Patients who come to Power In Motion are often times individuals who have been to countless doctors or participated in other therapies in the hopes of discovering the answers to or solutions for acute or longstanding health issues, but; to no avail.

Our ‘patient-oriented rehabilitative approach’, focuses on the importance of individuality in assessing and treating each patient who seeks our help and assistance.  Medicine and physical therapy are both at fault for frequently subscribing to a “one size fits all” approach to treatment.  Many healthcare settings today are completely void of critical thinking and clinical logic.

Some physicians or therapists are quick to tell patients “Do not look for answers” or “There is nothing that will help”.  In the treatment of the ‘whole person’ [Body, Mind & Spirit], we cannot lose sight of the biological reality of individuality.  Our biographies [histories] contribute significantly in the make-up of our biologies [as we are today].

Regardless of the diagnosis or ‘label’ that has been attached to a patient’s condition, the foundation of our treatment philosophy is to determine as many alternate factors which may be contributing to or perpetuating the ‘disorder’ in the body.  Are there genetic predispositions, intolerance to elemental toxins or allergens, nutrient deficiencies, emotional stressors or a host of other complicating issues?

When this multiplicity of assessment and evaluation of influences occurs, a system for thinking about clinical options for individuals with chronic or acute conditions begins to take shape and direction.  Practitioners who ignore individuality fail their patients. By its very nature, the body is programmed to heal and regenerate every moment of the day.  It is the individual, not the disease or disorder, that is the fundamental subject of concern and the target of successful therapeutic intervention.

“One size doesn’t fit all. The real question is, how do we predict who’s going to respond? And how do we begin to individualize treatments, so they can ultimately be tailored to the person?”
 Thomas Insel quote