Migraines and Headaches

Millions of Americans suffer from daily ‘manageable’ headaches to debilitating migraines.  This condition has become a ‘way of life’ for so many.  As they suffer, so do their loved ones as they watch helplessly, unable to quell the torment that their mother, father or sibling repeatedly endures.

Drug therapies, nerve block, trigger point injections and pain clinics have been the standard and familiar course of treatment for individuals who are plagued with this exhausting and often times unrelenting pain.  Regrettably, the percentage of individuals that have achieved permanent relief or significant, sustained results from these interventions, has not been impressive or encouraging.

Why do some of us suffer from this affliction and so many others do not?   Has the health care community genuinely looked at the whole person and the total picture that vastly contributes to this condition?  In most cases…probably not.

For nearly 15 years, Power In Motion’s treatment approach to the reduction of or elimination of chronic migraine and headache pain, has been accomplished by assessing and treating a myriad of factors which we have discovered significantly contribute to the creation and perpetuation of this syndrome.

Elements such as gluten and other food intolerance and sensitivities.  Environmental allergens. Head traumas (recent or past).  Injuries to tailbones (recent or past).  Musculoskeletal misalignment. Visual field deficits (central and peripheral fields poorly linked or inappropriate lens prescription). Past emotional traumas.  TMJ involvement.  Lymphatic congestion throughout the head/neck and upper body.  Poor circulation.  Muscle spasms.  Nerve impingement’s.   Toxic load on the liver or the body (heavy metals, pesticides, plastics, herbicides, etc.).   Hormonal imbalances…and more.

Interestingly…Brain tissue itself has no sensitivity to pain!

Our mission is and has been, to find the primary cause or causes…treat what we find and what the body reveals to us… and the symptoms in most cases, will be markedly diminished or alleviated.