Visual System Disorders

What we see and how our brains interpret and process that information, can be drastically inconsistent. Research indicates that 80% of all visual system and processing disturbances are created by imbalances and dysfunctions external to the head. Translated: this means that the dysfunction provoking and creating the brain disturbance, is in one or more regions located somewhere between the bottom of the chin and the bottom of the feet!

Simply stated; if there is disorganization and dysfunction in the body, the associated effects will create disorganization, chaos and dysfunction in the brain. Poor skeletal alignment, gastrointestinal or hormonal imbalances (for example), are attributed to distortions in depth perception, peripheral vision, color differentiation, visual/auditory processing, eye fatigue/pain, headaches/migraines, focusing, concentration and abilities to stay on task.

 Children and adults diagnosed with brain injuries, ADD, ADHD, and LD quite often present with moderate to significant musculoskeletal imbalances, digestive disorders, a history of head injuries/traumas and more.

Are there answers outside of the traditional, pharmaceutical approach to these issues? ABSOLUTELY!

Since 1998; Power In Motion has been priveleged to work collaboratively with some of the leading experts in the field of Alternative & Complementary Medicine, Developmental Optometry [ ], brain development and brain retraining [ ] to effectively and efficiently address visual systems disturbances that have been long standing impediments in the lives of children and adults.

How satisfying and exciting life has the potential to be.   When you change your brain….you change your life!


  • Birth Trauma [Forceps/Suction/Difficult Delivery]
  • One or More Head Injuries
  • Structural Imbalances
  • Incorrect Eye Glass Prescription
  • Food, Environmental Sensitivities
  • Hormonal, Biochemical, Digestive Imbalances