Work Comp Injuries

States across the nation have been restructuring their workers’ compensation systems, with disastrous consequences for many of the hundreds of thousands of people, who annually suffer mild to moderate to serious injuries in the workplace.

In some states, the cuts have been so drastic that injured workers have plummeted into poverty, losing their cars, their homes and even their families. In other states, workers spend years battling insurance companies for the surgeries, prescriptions and basic help which their doctors recommend.  Lofty promises by ‘sympathetic’ attorneys of substantial compensation “for your suffering”, rarely occur unless you have been maimed, disfigured or suffer loss of neurological or musculoskeletal functioning.

Power In Motion Rehab, specializes in acute and chronic workplace injuries that range from mild to severe.  Our objectives are: 1). To return you to your previous level of function and 2). To enable you to safely return to your workplace, with the least disruption in your personal life and financial stability. Repetitive strain injuries, back, neck, carpal tunnel and sciatica, are but a few of the all too common workplace injuries, which we have successfully treated and remediated for workers.

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