Prior back problems have completely been eliminated.

Power in Motion puts your body back in alignment so that you are pain-free.

They are life changing.

The treatment I received at Power in Motion was the most effective in treating my severe pain that is accompanied by constant chronic pain. All their services are done with the utmost compassion and respect.

My whole family goes to her, and we love her tremendously!

She is able to find connections between one’s current pain and past experiences/incidences or present lifestyle that you always knew but never realized, and then address the real source of the pain issue to make a lasting change.

They have helped me to live a more normal life.

Thanks to Power In Motion Rehab Services understanding the needs of my condition, they have helped me to live a more normal life.

Miracles really do happen.

The alternative medicine & unique therapy they use are very real. It cured me.

I trust her completely.

She has gifted hands and insight; I trust her completely.

Her techniques alleviated my pain.

I myself ended up seeing Cindy for a nagging running injury. Her techniques alleviated my pain and helped me get back to proper gait.

Power in Motion is the lubricant for my joints.

Cindy Power has been helping me for 20 yrs. I have severe osteoarthritis. I arrive in pain & she adjusts me. She aligns my neck, back & hips.

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3 Essential Elements In The Recovery of Health and Wellness – Physical Therapy Libertyville IL

Power In Motion Rehabilitation is a unique out-patient Physical Therapy and Integrative Wellness Center. For 21 years, physical therapists have been bringing relief and answers to patients who have been told that there are no answers and there is no relief for their pain and suffering. Our leading-edge, total-body approach to chronic and acute illnesses and injuries, enhances the bodies ability to heal, restore, and recover a quality of life that patients have longed for.

  • 1.
    Solving the Puzzle of Pain
    Solving the Puzzle of Pain
  • 2.
    Evaluating Past & Present Health
    Evaluating Past & Present Health
  • 3.
    Treating the Whole Body &  Not The Symptoms
    Treating the Whole Body & Not The Symptoms
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