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Our Practice

At Power In Motion Rehabilitation, the patient is the focus. Treating neurological dysfunction, and medical disorders in addition to orthopedic conditions makes Power In Motion Rehab unique among physical therapy clinics in the Chicagoland area. Our compassionate staff aggressively focuses on increasing the function and physical well-being of our patients who suffer from painful conditions or restricted mobility due to disease or injury.

We believe that individualized care is vital for successful rehabilitation, and at Power In Motion, we accomplish this goal by seeing only one patient at a time. Clinical excellence, personalized care, and a balanced approach to rehabilitation are the focus.

We also go a step further than the traditional physical therapy clinic by using Pilates as a method of treatment and offering private Pilates sessions and Group Classes for anyone wishing to achieve fitness and wellness goals. All of this is done in a nurturing environment where overall health and wellness is the focus. At Power In Motion, we’ll help you recover from injury, restore your function and return you to doing the things you want to do. For more information, Contact Us today at Libertyville, IL Center.