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Power in Motion Rehabilitation Inc.

Power in Motion Rehabilitation Inc.

Cindy and her staff are very friendly. Everyone makes you feel welcome. Cindy is the best physical therapist there is. She always shows professionalism in the work environment. I have kyphosis (a curved back) and every time Cindy finishes working on my back, I can feel a difference in how straight my back is when standing. I highly recommend Power in Motion to family and friends.

Andrew V.

Cindy Power has been helping me for 20 yrs. I have severe osteoarthritis. I arrive in pain & she adjusts me. She aligns my neck, back & hips. In addition, a few years ago, after hernia surgery, Cindy identified a serious infection in my abdominal that required surgery to remove.

Betsy F.

At the age of 45 I experienced a horrible fall off a three-story building while trying to break my fall I extending my arm prior to impact, this broke my arm in five places. I have always been very careful in choosing my doctors/surgeons and physical therapists so it took me 2 weeks before I found a surgeon with the confidence and experience to put me back together, during this 2 week time I also sought out a physical therapists that also offered both the confidence and experience I was looking for (Power In Motion Rehab Services, Inc). Other surgeons and therapists told me to only expect 30-40% use of that arm at best due to the numerous breaks/steel plates and screws required. This was unacceptable which is what drove me to take my time and select the team I choose. I now have 95+% use of the arm which I directly contribute to the Surgeon and Power In Motion Rehab Services, Inc, I cannot say enough to show my gratitude to Power In Motion Rehab Services, Inc for the time and care they put into my recovery and therapeutic work. The old statement of “no pain no gain” did not apply to Power In Motion Rehab Services, Inc, they suggested many additional ways I could help myself speed up recovery and they took the time to make sure I received the proper push and care required. As a profession I am an Engineering Manager and do not make decisions without all the facts and track records to back them up, I want to say whole heartedly I recommend.

Brian N.

The team at PIM is so intentional about helping you achieve your healing goals, both emotionally and physically. They truly care about your health and well-being. I’ve had issues with headaches, joint pain, burning sensations in my arms allergies, and emotional setbacks for years: all have been treated and are continually moving forward in healing or have already been healed. If you are willing and ready for healing, DEFINITELY come see the staff here-I can guarantee they are ready to help you!!!

Charlotte S.

I highly recommend Power In Motion Rehab Services, Inc and Cindy Powers. I have been seeing her for 10 years. She is a very skilled and medically intuitive physical therapist, using gentle, yet powerful techniques. Cindy has literally helped me return to work and return to life after numerous injuries, falls, and surgeries. I now enjoy a wonderful, active life and am able to get on the floor and play with my 3 grandsons, enjoy travel, and realized my dream career as an energy healer. Thank you Cindy for all you have done for me and my family.

Ellani M.

I’ve been going to Power in Motion for almost 15 years, and I drive over 2 hours to get there. First time I saw Cindy, I had such horrible back pain…would cry every day for months on my way home from work, couldn’t sleep. One visit…..and it was all gone. I remember her telling me after that visit, “now use your body, don’t be afraid”. I woke the following morning, afraid to move, thinking the pain would come back…nope. She and her staff have helped me with a bout of horrible sciatica, knee (bone on bone)–don’t limp anymore, and back muscle knots. And, don’t ask how she does it….it’s magic! “laying of hands”! They just understand the body as a whole…how the ‘bad’ knee is affecting the good one, etc, and will make you so much more aware of your own body. Cindy and her staff are the BEST!

Gail R.

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