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TMJ Dysfunction

Just getting through the day is all that individuals can do most days, who suffer the agony of the unrelenting pain associated with TMJ, trigeminal or facial nerve neuritis. Generally speaking, the majority of TMJ, trigeminal and facial neuritis cases we’ve treated, exhibit aggravating or exacerbating influences from multiple and regional musculoskeletal imbalances that perpetuate these debilitating disorders.

Dysfunction within the temporomandibular joint [barring a direct blow or injury to the joint], is a reflection of other stressors present within the body and musculoskeletal system. These stressors can directly impact the TM joint and the surrounding, delicate trigeminal and facial nerves. Stressors can also be external to the body i.e., work, life, finances, etc. Additionally, a history of early childhood leg bracing or corrective shoes, can be a significant factor in adult onset TMJ dysfunction. There are three junctions in the body that have to be in relatively good alignment for the body to be pain free and freely mobile. They are: the TMJ, the L5/S1 vertebrae and the base of the skull as it sits on the first cervical vertebrae. If anyone of these segments are out of alignment, the remaining two will be affected.

Effectively treating TMJ involves looking at multiple factors that are unique to each patient’s condition. Whenever possible, we welcome the opportunity to work in conjunction with the Dentist or Orthodontist. This is particularly important for those patients who are fitted with night splints or other oral appliances to support and ‘treat’ the TMJ. More and more, dentists are working with specialized physical therapists to deliver effective treatment for patients with TMJ dysfunction. This team effort has led to an improvement in over 80 percent of cases. Working with a physical therapist who understands craniofacial disorders is crucial to success. These specialized physical therapists will understand the relationships between the neck, head, jaw and pelvis.

As we determine contributing factors that might lie within the shoulder complex, the digestive system, cervical spine, lumbar and sacral spinal regions for example; the result is a reorganization and realignment of the entire musculoskeletal system. The temporomandibular joint, the trigeminal and facial nerves, are the direct beneficiaries of this reorganization. If the oral appliance or splint does not change as the body and TMJ are changing, the end result can be a tug-of-war between the appliance and the body…with the victim or hostage being the patient! For more information, Contact Us today at Libertyville, IL Center.