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Blame it on Physics…..We’ve been treating the wrong end!

Whiplash and sciatic nerve injuries, are the most poorly treated and unresolved soft tissue injuries that we sustain from a car accident.

As we are seated in a vehicle, the pelvis is in direct alignment with the front & rear bumpers of the car. When we collide with another vehicle or object, the force of that impact travels through the car and invariably through the pelvis. The physics of a rear end collision will thrust the pelvis forward, while simultaneously snapping the head and neck backward. As momentum stops, the pelvis reverses direction by snapping backward, while the head and neck whip forward. In essence, the outcome is identical to the whipping of a rope. The whiplash occurs first in the lumbar spine and pelvis, traveling upwards, ‘whipping’ the neck and base of the skull.

Power In Motion Physical Therapists have successfully treated and resolved the acute and long-standing side effects of whiplash injuries. The chronically sore neck with limited ranges of movement, jaw pain, chronic headaches, low back and sciatic nerve pain, can all be relieved through our gentle, hands-on, manual therapy approach to treating the body.

Regardless of the severity of the collision, mild and/or significant forces impact the pelvis, spine and brain. Traumatic brain injuries often have their roots in a mild, moderate and certainly severe collision. Don’t be fooled in thinking that ‘a simple fender-bender’ cannot affect you. To finally put this accident in the past, call us today to discover how we can help you relieve your whiplash injury, to enable you in making a full recovery. Contact Power In Motion Rehabilitation today, to close this chapter of pain.