Nerve Tissue Tension Release Libertyville, IL

Nerve Tissue Tension Release

Adverse ‘Neural Tissue Tension’ can be defined as: “an abnormal physiological and/or mechanical response from the nervous system that limits its normal range of motion or stretch capabilities.”  The brain, spinal cord and nerves are continuous and are surrounded by connective tissue which can develop tension or tightness, often contributing to nerve symptoms experienced as radiating pain, numbness, tingling or weakness. Neural tissue mobilization is a gentle nerve stretching technique to relieve this tension and its associated symptoms.

Like leathery strings, nerves can stiffen and shrink which interferes with nerve conduction, creating biomechanical strains which pull on other parts of your body, resulting in pain and dysfunction.  Neural tissue tension may affect muscles, connective tissue or blood vessels, causing the affected region/s of your body to become more compressed and inflexible.

Neural tissue tension therapy allows prolonged nerve tension to be released which produces relaxation, thus releasing pain that will ultimately improve musculoskeletal functions such as range of motion, biomechanics, circulation, muscle tension and so much more.

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