Gail R.

Jul16th 2020

I’ve been going to Power in Motion for almost 15 years, and I drive over 2 hours to get there. First time I saw Cindy, I had such horrible back pain…would cry every day for months on my way home from work, couldn’t sleep. One visit…..and it was all gone. I remember her telling me after that visit, “now use your body, don’t be afraid”. I woke the following morning, afraid to move, thinking the pain would come back…nope. She and her staff have helped me with a bout of horrible sciatica, knee (bone on bone)–don’t limp anymore, and back muscle knots. And, don’t ask how she does it….it’s magic! “laying of hands”! They just understand the body as a whole…how the ‘bad’ knee is affecting the good one, etc, and will make you so much more aware of your own body. Cindy and her staff are the BEST!