Kirk O.

Jul16th 2020

Western and Eastern medicine. It is both holistic and scientific. You can count on professional care and service from its staff during every step of your visit. Cindy Powers is awesome! She is able to find connections between one’s current pain and past experiences/incidences or present lifestyle that you always knew but never realized, and then address the real source of the pain issue to make a lasting change. I have never left her office without feeling an immediate improvement in pain, posture and mobility. She is also extremely connected to other experts in the health industry. This not only makes her a tremendous resource for all your health needs, but it also speaks volumes about her strong standing in both communities of health, the scientific and the holistic, communities which often disagree with one another. Personally, I have been seeing Cindy for about 20 years now. Previously, I had been treated by many others in the field, but none of them compared to her expertise. Now, my whole family goes to her, and we love her tremendously!