Jul28th 2020

Before I met Cindy I was very weak, fatigued and unable to walk, stand or sit for any length of time. I was up countless nights unable to sleep because of intense pain and muscle spasms. After seeing numerous specialists, undergoing many x-ray and mri’s, blood tests,, neurological tests, traditional physical therapy, and heavy dosing of medications, I sought alternative treatment. No one was able to pinpoint my specific problem. Each specialist had a different diagnosis.
Today, I am off all medications, muscle spasms are less, I am more mobile and in less pain. Cindy is a wonderful therapist. Her treatments are very unique and precise and all so powerful. She is caring, knowledgeable, and always attentive to your needs. Her philosophy on how the body is suppose to work has taught me never to give up there is always hope. I will always be grateful to Cindy for giving me my life back.