The Pain Management Puzzle

The traditional rehabilitative approach to pain management, does not always work well for a good number of people with pain. We know — and it’s been confirmed by the Institute of Medicine National Pain Strategy (2017) — that pain is a complex ‘bio-psycho-social’ phenomenon or puzzle (body/mind/spirit). An integrative approach is the safest and most prudent way to care for people suffering from acute or chronic pain. 

Frequently, pain is a whole-body experience, which rarely comes from just one source. Compounding factors exacerbating physical pain are stress, frustration, fatigue, medication side effects and many other factors.

The surest way to achieve the best possible pain control for every person living with pain, is to use an integrative approach that addresses all aspects of this complex phenomenon / puzzle. There is no cookie cutter process for pain control and one size does not fit most. Cutting-edge Integrative Manual Therapy techniques, combined with   alternative and complementary interventions which include Homeopathy, Nutritional & Functional Medicine as well as Clinical Psychology, have proven to be powerful and effective approaches in the reduction and remediation of acute and chronic pain.

We partner with experts in these complimentary and alternative fields of medicine in our ‘team approach’ to pain management and care. In doing so, this allows maximum flexibility in designing and implementing a successful and individualized course of treatment.